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Dear Ted,

I want to thank you in writing for the excellent advice you have given me. Before I discovered your service I was counseled and advised only on one brand of hearing aid and I was never told that there were many alternatives. As a result of your advice, I now can again have a conversation in a crowded room, and attend committee meetings.

In short, you saved me from isolation and have made me a social being again. And that is no small matter!

Yours sincerely,

Franz Martin Oppenheim

I have found Ted Park, BC-HIS to have three outstanding qualities:

Technical experience. He has the understanding of how human hearing works in the "real world" as well as in the laboratory. This is a very important concept. His also has experience and confidence in not one but many brands of hearing aids. Too many hearing aid professionals have one favorite manufacturer at the exclusion of other manufacturers who may have better products for a particular hearing condition. If you have a preferable hearing aid brand or a hearing aid type (as in my case when I first came to see him) he will first make a full effort to have your preferred hearing aid brand or product type work for you before moving on, if necessary, to other options.

Patience. This personal quality is one of the most difficult to master. Ted Park is not in a rush to reach a conclusion. If you are not happy he will take the time necessary to listen to your concerns and work with you for a positive solution.

Sincere desire to help other that transcends the mere desire to succeed. My hearing condition has been an ongoing process for thirty years. It has been one of the greatest challenges that I've had to face. If you have read this far, I suspect that you know exactly what I am talking about. The impact on my personal life as well as my professional one has been enormous. Without Ted Park's sincere desire to find the best solution, my new hearing aids would not have turned out nearly as successful as the did. 

If you haven't guessed already, I wholeheartedly recommend that you consider Ted Park for your hearing aid needs.


Jon W. Sammer, AIA